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GEO-CAPE Science Working Group Meeting, 22-24 Sept 2009

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Meeting Goals :

1) Present current STMs for Atmosphere and Oceans.

2) Report on progress from FY09 activities.

3) Review status and requirements for KDP-A, and, in particular, establish pathway to developing preliminary mission concept(s)

4) Recommend and prioritize activities for FY10.




Tuesday 22 September (Terrace Ballroom)

8:00 8:30 Registration

8:30 9:00 Plenary: Welcome, logistics, Goals for meeting [PDF - 4.23MB] (Al-Saadi, Bontempi)


9:00 11:30: Review Progress and Status by Discipline (O/A Working Groups)

9:00 10:00: Review progress of discipline working sub-groups, individual activities; mention relevant posters

10:00 10:30: Break (hang posters)

10:30 11:30: Finalize summary presentations of discipline activities for full group (subgroup leads will have prepared drafts ahead of meeting)


11:30 12:30 Lunch Buffet available for purchase in Hotel

Science Traceability Matrices and FY09 Activities (Plenary)

12:30 2:30: Atmosphere Science Traceability Matrix and FY09 Activities/Key Findings

12:30: Atmosphere Science Traceability Matrix [PDF - 1.41MB] (Neil, Jacob)

1:15: Variability [PDF - 3.78 MB] (Mike Newchurch)

1:30: Retrieval sensitivity [PDF] (Annmarie Eldering)

1:45: OSSE progress reports [PDF - 6.51 MB] (NCAR/Edwards, Harvard/Zoogman, JPL/Eldering)

tbd: Highlights of posters which present IIP studies (60 sec per, pre-load one slide)

2:30 3:00: Break

3:00 5:00: Ocean Science Traceability Matrix & FY09 Activities/Key Findings

3:00: Spatial scales 1 [PDF - 2.99MB] 2 [PDF] (Steve Lohrenz)

3:15: Temporal scales [PDF - 2.15MB] (Joe Salisbury)

3:30: Requirements on signal sensitivity and saturation [PDF - 1.05MB] (Chuanmin Hu)

3:45: Atmospheric correction needs [PDF - 11.6MB] (Menghua Wang)

4:00: Instrument requirements & ACE ocean color specifications [PDF - 2.25MB] (Chuck McClain)

4:30: Oceans STM presentation (Antonio Mannino)

5:00 7:00: Posters (No-host bar available)

Wednesday 23 September (Lakeview Ballrooom)

Approach to KDP-A (Plenary)

8:30 9:00: Decadal Survey Tier 2 Implementation: "What's expected of us at the next decision point?" [PDF - 3.35MB] (Steve Neeck)

9:00 10:15: Evaluation of current state of knowledge on geostationary AQ/OC missions

9:00: Baseline mission study (Integrated Design Study #5) [PDF - 1.88MB] (Randy Kawa)
9:15: Pan-FTS single platform study [PDF - 4.82MB] (Key/Eldering)
Phased implementation alternatives:
9:30: Hosted payloads: Geo Quick Ride and GOES-R series [PDF - 1.39MB] (Caffrey)
9:45: GeoTrace [PDF - 4.69MB] (Neil)
10:00: Coastal Waters Imager [PDF - 3.61MB] (Mannino/DiGiacomo)

10:15 10:45: Break

10:45 12:15: Identify Biggest Challenges and Discuss near-term strategy to address top concerns [PDF]:
(Eldering, Neil, Mannino, Bolton, Moe coordinating)

Maturity of Science Requirements

Single platform vs phased implementation launch (together or hosted payloads)

Operations plan/observing strategies: differences for single vs phased

Payload definition including needs for OSSES or Design Lab studies

GEO-CAPE Technology Investment Overview [PDF - 3.31MB] (Karen Moe)


12:15 1:30 Lunch Buffet available for purchase in Hotel

1:30 2:00: Atmospheric Correction and Aerosol Science Progress Reports [PDF - 1.52MB] (Torres/Chin)

2:00 2:30: Interdisciplinary & Synergistic Science objectives, discussion [PDF] (Jordan)

2:30 3:30: Other Missions relevant to GEO-CAPE

2:30: GOCI/GOCI II [PDF - 5.21MB] (Seongick Cho)

2:45: Other planned European (Sentinel) and Korean AQ/OC missions (Hilsenrath) [PDF]

3:00: GOES-R [PDF - 2.90MB] (Satya Kalluri)

3:15: ACE [PDF] (Bontempi)

3:30 4:00 End User Activities: NOAA [PDF - 1.34MB] (Kondragunta) and EPA [PDF] (Keating, Szykman)

4:00 4:30 break

4:30 6:30 Discipline Goals and Plans for FY10 (O/A Working Groups)

1) discussion of required mission concept studies, instrument studies, etc.

2) plan how to iterate with STM to fill in columns to the right


Thursday 24 September (Lakeview Ballrooom)


8:30 11:30: GEO-CAPE Activities for FY10 (Plenary) (including Coffee Break at 10:00)

1) Review discipline recommended studies from yesterday's WG session

2) Discuss shared option decisions, e.g., platform

3) Identify overall priorities for FY10.

11:30 12:00: Summary, Feedback & Closing Comments (Al-Saadi, Bontempi)

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